a generation that is fueled by avocado toast and a desire to prove they aren’t actually just ‘lazy and entitled’. They believe in brunching on the weekends and buying houses just for their “fur babies”. Their Insta stories are long and their attention spans are short.

Winning their first impression

It’s no secret that Mil-Z has short attention spans, which means they won’t stick around and engage with a site that isn’t up to their standards. If your site isn’t passing these requirements then you can consider them gone and onto the next.

  • responsive
  • speedy
  • secure

Getting Mil-Z to Interact

You’re getting people to your site- yay! Now, are you doing everything you can do to keep them there and get them to take an action? There are certain things we know about how Mil-Z likes to consume information and communicate, and they are very different than older generations.

a BOLD value proposition to customers

The internet has made it easy for users to shop around for whatever product/service they are looking to find. It needs to be clear why a user should choose you. As mentioned above, your website is often the first impression a user gets of your business. Looking pretty and loading properly might keep them on the site, but you have to sell yourself to get them to convert.

text isn’t enough anymore

Mil-Z is constantly engaging with visually-appealing bits of information as they surf through social media sites or their favorite apps so when information is presented as just text it can seem boring or uninteresting. Communicating with multiple forms of content (i.e. images, .gifs, videos, infographics, etc.) can help you capture interest, keep attention and drive home your point.

not everyone communicates the same way

Which is why it is a good idea to have different contact options clearly listed on your site. It is pretty standard for websites to have a form fill and phone number listed but there are additional ways to make you accessible to your customers beyond just those basics. Providing an option to chat or text with someone works well if you’re able to respond quickly. Scheduling tools are great for companies who set up appointments or demos with their potential customers. Even video chat is becoming more common!

content that matters

Mil-Z is used to having information at their fingertips, at all times. They will do their research before making a purchase, but they won’t spend a lot of time with waiting for answers from you. Clear and concise information is key or they will move on to the next. Avoid the fluff and use easy-to-digest information delivered through short sentences and bullet points to help them get the gist of what your business is offering. There is value to longer form content, but save that for a blog or more research-based areas of the site.

customer testimonials

These are the modern form of word-of-mouth. People value what their peers have to say. Having customer testimonials clearly displayed will help to communicate why your current customers love you and can help to convince a potential customer you are worth their time and money.


a generation that is fluent in communicating through emojis, memes and gifs. They were born with a phone in their hands and have never seen a day without WiFi. They are hell-bent on changing the world, just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of their Snapchat streak.

Marketing to Mil-Z

Millennials grew up during the rise of household computers and easily accessible internet. Gen Z doesn’t know a world without social media, WiFi and smartphones. This means that the outlets used to reach Mil-Z are different than the marketing channels used to reach older generations. In the age of “cord-cutting” and multi-screen lifestyles, digital advertising is a must in your marketing strategy.

paid search

Capture relevant online traffic from searchers “raising their hands” that they are interested in your product or service.

social media

Use in-depth targeting to get in front of potential customers based on interests, demographics and behaviors.


Stay top-of-mind with people who have previously interacted with your website as they continue their online browsing.

marketing automation

Keep interested customers informed and nudge them toward taking the next desired action based on how they interact with you.

search engine optimization

Take control of your organic presence and increase your visibility in the unpaid results of search engines.

Meet the Pack

It’s a myth that all Millennials are lazy. Sure, there are always a couple of bad apples in the bunch but the rest of us shouldn’t get a bad rap. Most of our team is made up of millennials (we’ve got a few token Gen Xers) which is why this type of marketing makes so much sense to us, it’s in our nature. Don’t let it fool you though, combined we have over 35 years of marketing experience. We’ve worked in all sorts of industries, we’ve marketed to all ages and we’ve have experience with lots of forms of advertising.

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